Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Class Divide: Looters

This Sunday, my pastor returned from a two month sabbatical.  In his first sermon since his departure, he proceeded to state that we shouldn’t stop foreign aid to poverty stricken nations.  Privately, I cursed my natural patience and respect for others because I seriously wanted to shout at him, “How about we just cut your Social Security and Medicare instead?”

But it does highlight a general attitude of the low-church looters.  The looters are the people who are not moochers, where they depend on others for their own benefit, but do not behave like the producers, who work for themselves first.  The looters are distinct in that they are independent-minded, but at the same time tend to take from others for their own benefit.  At least, that is what the high-church looters do.*

The looters are the one class that I have absolutely no sympathy for and total contempt for.  They have no qualms about taking money from others and using it for their own benefit in some fashion.  Politicians generally fall into this category, with few exceptions.  They love to promise their voters loads of money and benefits, but fail to mention that it comes at the expense of the producers.  The moocher classes are the ones who tend to vote more than all other classes, so any politician who whores out the producers is the ultimate looter.

The looters will use every excuse imaginable to get your money.  As the late Richard Jeni once said,

the ones that annoy me slightly more than all the rest of us are the Trillionaire Bleeding Heart Liberals; People who are going to change the world, if they have to spend every buck of your money to do it.

Yes, that’s where a lot of the Statist fall into place.  Not as moochers, although moochers do qualify, but as looters.  They are either working to get elected, because they suck at regular life (who knew that a law degree is worthless?), or they are hired into some government job, work for 20-30 years, and retire with a big fat pension that nobody can pay for except on the backs of the children and grandchildren of the producer class.

More than that, they desire power over others.  And often times, they exert it through manipulating the moochers and forcing the producers to pay up.  They’ll say it’s because the moochers have nothing, they are stupid and they aren’t able to do things the producers can.  And often times, they are lying to us

That’s the dirty little secret with many of the looters, especially the high-church looter class.  They know that it is all bogus, that the moocher class could easily become productive and not be so dependent on others, but that doesn’t work for them.  Power is what drives them.  This is where the oligarchs come from.  They convince others that they are incapable of rising above their own place.

Low-church looters, by contrast, tend to actually believe the garbage they spew out.  They are incapable of individual thought, but at the same time they are not dependent on others for support.  They think that they are making a difference by enslaving others through taxation, by exploiting the producers because the producers largely do not get roused to action.  It usually takes a lot of tyranny and oppression to get on the bad side of the majority of the producer class.  The high-class looters know this and they tend to look at producers with a more discerning eye.  It’s a fragile relationship, where they are constantly pushing the boundaries to see what they can get away with.  At least, that has been the state of political discourse in the United States since its inception.

The looters will always be around in one form or another.  They will appear in the form of people willing to take advantage of others for their own benefit and will do so without hesitation or compromise.  If you stand in their way, they will attack you because you are simply in your way.  They believe themselves to be superior to others and any deviation from that narrative will set them off into hysterical convulsions (see Nancy Pelosi’s response to the reporter’s question on the Constitutional basis for Obamacare).

In short, the looter class is the group that perpetually seeks power over others for their own personal gain and not because they have any real desire to help others.  As long as there are plenty of moochers and passive producers, there will be plenty of looters willing to take advantage of them.  And as long as society hold looting rather than individual achievement and excellence as a virtue, it will always be doomed to failure, mostly because looters aren’t very good parasites.

*Note: When I say “high-church” and “low-church”, I mean that within any group of people, you have leaders at the top who are intelligent and usually know who they are, but you have more people at the bottom who generally follow blindly without question.  It comes from classifying churchgoers, some of whom are very intelligent and understand the ins and outs of theology contrasted with the rest who simply believe what the pastor tells them.  And yes, my pastor is a looter.  I need a different church or none at all…


  1. I don't see how you can be taken seriously when you go out of your way to blame liberals for something that is quintessentially conservative. The overwhelming majority of the billionaires in this country support Republican candidates, they support the unhealthy relationship Republicans have with already profitable industries which are made even more lucrative by corporate welfare (while the poor... oh excuse me, "moochers" work multiple jobs and still have to charge food to credit cards).

    It sounds like you came up with these ideas while talking to 5th graders.

    On another note, quit being a pussy and just leave your church if you see how corrupt it is. There is absolutely nothing in the Bible that says you have to go to church. But you wouldn't know, otherwise you might also have noticed the hundreds of verses about helping the poor and sick.

  2. A churchgoing Randian, hoo-boy.

    People who read Atlas Shrugged and the Bible side-by-side often end up with the worst of both books.


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