Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ron Paul: I Will Always Vote for Lower Taxes


  1. i think im a tad too young to remember Perot, but i am tempted to compare his chance at winning to Ron Pauls. am i wrong in this way of thinking?

  2. How is lowering taxes going to help anything? We're almost 14 trillion in debt.

  3. "How is lowering taxes going to help anything? We're almost 14 trillion in debt.”

    We could simply stop all the occupational wars, recall all military, close and abandon all the bases (after stripping or selling all valuables.

    Cut all corporate welfare.

    Review and end all fraud in welfare with the aim to finally ending it.

    Pick a date to grandfather Social Security, cut off point, and end the tax from the tax payers.

    End the DHS.

    End the department of education.

    Lots more available...

  4. How is lowering taxes going to help anything? We're almost 14 trillion in debt.

    And at current levels of spending and future unfunded liabilities, we're gonna stay in debt, even with massive tax increases.

    Any increase in taxes during an economic downturn would only make things worse for the economy.

    And Ron Paul's position is the only correct one, because it's not the government's money (or do you endorse stealing?)

  5. But RB, don't you know doing that will lead to a social and economic catastrophe!

    The way I see it, is excessive entitlements are sinking our continent fast. Forget the dollars and cents of it, I worry about the psychology of enabling people.

    I don't doubt many people who get some form of social assistance have enough pride to want to work (I don't believe they're deadbeats as conservatives believe) but there's nonetheless a massive under class of people who probably earn a better living off government cheques, and such have no incentive to go and work.

    Quebec is certainly in this position. What do you do with people addicted to entitlements without shocking them by cutting off the goodies? Not easy. Look at Europe.

    Once upon a time perhaps raising taxes was ok since there was no massive welfare state in place. Most people were working and that was that and the extra revenues raised from taxes had an impact.

    Today, it's different. Raising taxes will barely make a dent because the liabilities are too great for that.

    We need mental readjustment; not more taxes.


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