Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not Bad For One Day (A Trip Around the World)

Hold your horses, T.C., I'll send you what I promised, I've just been busy with a bunch of other foreigners.

I was going through our stats here at SE, and it certainly seemed that we were getting many more visitors outside North America than usual yesterday (though maybe I just haven't been paying attention). Now, what follows is gonna be a bit tedious, boring and pointless (kinda like Twitter, only longer, for those of you that tweet) so be warned. This is the list of countries other than the United States, Canada and Mexico that had more than one visitor stop by Skeptical Eye yesterday:

United Kingdom (well, hell, we do speak English here at SE, so I expect the damn Limeys to show up in droves)
Japan (on the other hand, I don't expect the Japanese to stop by much at all)
Australia (see the Limeys above)
Belarus (yeah, right)
India (keep your eyes on those dangerous roads, and hey, if your gonna take more of our telephone customer service jobs away, can you notify me here so I'll have a heads up?)
Czech Republic (I still remember when you guys were part of good old made up country Czechoslovakia)
Italy (someday I'm gonna visit and see all those tourist attractions, I promise!)
Spain (are you sorta like Mexico, only better?)
France (viva la revolution)
Thailand (I ain't going there)
Philippines (how come the name of your country starts with "Ph", but your natives are called Filipinos spelled with an F?)
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

Now, that's not bad for one day, is it? Or is it?


  1. youve gone world wide!! i wonder how many of those are proxies?

  2. Smatchimo, I have no idea. What if it was just one person going through multiple proxies?

  3. I want it soon or else I'll have to send Vito and Vinny...

  4. T.C.. your contact form sucks! I tried to send it to you just now, but it gives me an idiotic Bravenet message about not being logged in or some shit.

    So here (hope you see this):

    Here's a link to the original ban code (you can download and then see instructions):

    It's pretty easy, but if you have questions, let me know. You can place the code anywhere in your side bar and then add new Blogger profiles to the code banned list as you ban them. By the way, if you aren't using the embedded-in-post comment form, the banned comments will still show up on the full page blogger comment form, just not on the individual post, so consider setting up your comments like we have at SE (comment form appearing under the original post).

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Bravenet thing. And thanks for the help. Just a heads up: Vito and Vinny were already "en route" and couldn't get a hold of them, just keep an eye out for a coupla-fratellos speaking rough Italo-French asking for a Nikk Skeptical.

    Other than that, thanks again!


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