Sunday, December 12, 2010

Former U.S. Attorney General: Julian Assange Could Get The Death Penalty

This piece of dishonorable shit, Michael Mukasey, former United States Attorney General under war criminal George W. Bush, wants (of course) Assange prosecuted (though it is Bush, Cheney and pond scum like Mukasey who should be behind bars).

Naturally he defended the crimes of the Bush administration (and even wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal defending the USA Patriot Act):

Mukasey's excessive zeal for Bush's war on terror was evident right after 9/11. In an October 2, 2001 hearing in his court, then-Judge Mukasey dismissed attorney Randall Hamud's claim that his client, 21-year-old Jordanian Osama Awadallah, had been physically beaten while in custody and had the marks to prove it. Mukasey retorted, "As far as the claim he was beaten, I will tell you he looks fine to me." The judge then refused to direct that Awadallah be examined by a doctor, and ordered that he be held indefinitely. The marks were under Awadallah's clothing. He was one of the more than 1,000 men of Arab descent rounded up after 9/11, and later exonerated. Many suffered similar abuse while in U.S. custody. Ronald Kuby was a defense attorney in the 1995 Omar Abdel Rahman case, over which Mukasey presided. Mukasey "was violating the rights of Arabs before it was popular," Kuby said. "It was very much like trying a case with two prosecutors, one of whom was wearing a black robe."

After librarians complained about the USA Patriot Act's provision that required them to tell the government what books we read, Mukasey mocked them in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. He described civil liberties concerns as "recreational hysteria."

Although former Judge Mukasey ruled Jose Padilla had the right to consult with counsel, he held that the President has the power to detain U.S. citizens caught on U.S. soil without charging them with a crime.- Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie

I have to ask, why isn't a real criminal like Mukasey locked up? The answer is simple; there is one set of rules for our ruling elite, and another for the rest of us.

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  1. Couldn't even stand to watch this fuck. I'll take Osama over him.


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