Thursday, December 2, 2010

Food riots and health crisis in Haiti

Rise in food prices sparks riots and demonstrations in Haiti.

Food, the UN and health become international issues.


  1. Yeah, blame the UN for cholera. So, did the earthquake happen because of Jews?

  2. I did not blame the UN, I thought the situation and the reactions were noteworthy.

    The unintended consequences have not all played out yet.

  3. I'm more angry at the rampant ignorance of the Haitians who are blaming the UN than by your posting of it. Cholera hit Haiti because they lack water sanitation, not because foreignors are trying to help.

    If they could do it themselves, they should have. They didn't, clearly, because a minor earthquake managed to wreck their whole country. A nation with decent building codes and emergency services (like Chile, just a few months later) wouldn't need so much foreign aid.

    This scapegoating is a direct function of rampant institutional ignorance in that country.

  4. The Whiteman's Burden. These people celibrate their independence from France? Haiti is a perfect example of what happens when colonial powers are overthrown and the responsibilities of running a country are returned to blacks. Zimbabwe is another example. South Africa is another example. Hell, ALL of Africa is an example!

    Thank God they are contained on an island. Earthquake on Monkey Island! Throw your money down the nigger hole! Then they blame you for disease! Let 'em rot in the streets. That goes for the ones here too. Have a nice day.


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