Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boo Hooing over WikiLeaks

The best criticism of WikiLeaks right-wingers have come up with is that some documents reveal the names of a handful of Afghan informants, ie, Afghans who have helped the United States terrorize civilians and violate human rights so that it's easier for us to install our puppet government in the region.

That's very touching, but a shame that it doesn't extend to the tens of thousands of innocent Afghan men, women and children the US has exterminated in a vain attempt to fight the "terrorists" our reckless foreign policy has created (and continues to create). Nor do they give a shit about the future victims of US aggression if our leaders are able to succeed in intimidating other nations and operating in total secrecy.

Yeah, OK, conservatives are suddenly humanitarians concerned with innocent Afghan life. That's a good one.

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