Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Natural Banana Air Freshener

A bought a bag of bananas (a bunch in a bag) at Target last week. A buck fifty so I added them to my cart (or did I have a cart, yeah, I think I did). Well, I only got to a couple of them during the week, and meant to take the rest with me while I was gone for the weekend, but I forgot them. They weren't green when I bought them, so I knew they didn't have long, and I thought about them when I was away. I hoped they would still love me, still be true to their original banananess, not rot away into garbage.

When I returned I opened the door expecting to smell the usual, and as my air freshener had previously returned to nothingness, I knew it would not be a pleasant odor that greeted me.

But what I received was a blast of banana! A jungle of invisible banana trees had grown up in my home overnight (well, over two or three nights anyway) and this phantom forest had invaded every square inch of air space. It was better at masking the bad smells than anything I've ever inadvertently used for the purpose. It might be my next product project, and yes, I am going to call it A Blast of Banana.

By the way, the bananas were still quite edible, and I had them with milk and honey. If there is a land called that, it smells like my banana house.

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