Sunday, December 4, 2011

TV Madness #1

I keep getting Kitchen Impossible confused with Restaurant Impossible every time I see it in the onscreen guide.

Hoping to see Robert Irvine (recently rejected as the next "Iron Chef", as if someone who can transform a half-barnyard/half-diner into a restaurant serving edible food doesn't deserve to be one of the lousy "Iron" Chefs" who mostly win their "contests" by default and favoritism -just my impression, Flop Network-) I instead see some guy named "Marc" (oh, how I hate that spelling!) telling me how to "tile a kitchen backsplash"...WTF?

Perhaps this is due in part to the rival Ramsey show Kitchen Nightmares, which would be better named Restaurant Nightmares instead. After all, I don't want to tune in Chef Gordon Ramsey someday and see him instructing me on the installation of sliding glass doors.

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