Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dolphin Jetpack of the Future Today!

Franky Zapata uses a flyboard to zoom in and out of the water and leap through the air.

When in times past people of the 20th century dreamed of the future, they most often pictured a man with a jetpack on his back, coming home from work and greeting his family from the sky. Even the military got in on the craze, but the ones put to the test proved too costly and impractical. But those weren't dolphin jetpacks!

Yee-haa! The future of flying cars and everyone dressed in silver jumpsuits has almost arrived! Now let's get to work on those commuter jetpacks so people can fly to work without the stress of freeway traffic! (Don't talk to me about jetpack traffic, I'm not listening and you ain't gonna spoil my dreams).

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