Monday, May 2, 2011

Who's Afraid of Cheap Groceries?

The war on Walmart continues. I'm not necessarily a big Walmart booster, but I know they've played an important role in providing affordable prices and actually keeping inflation in check by their aggressive dealings with suppliers on product costs and passing savings on to consumers (though even Walmart is now finding that difficult in the Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke era). We wouldn't need Walmart so much if it wasn't for the Federal Reserve's destruction of our money, but that's not something the "think inside the box" brainwashed knee-jerk phony anti-Walmart "liberals" will ever bring up.

Nor will they mention, as talked about in the video, that high food and grocery prices actually take money away from other businesses, because consumers then have less cash in their pockets to spend on other things, just as high gasoline prices are currently giving people less money to spend in the rest of the economy. I wonder if these same union idiots would be protesting low gas prices if there were an equivalent situation of unionized gas station employees and a Walmart type chain of gas stations seeking to enter the local market to provide lower gasoline prices?

I shop at Walmart for food whenever I can, only because, in most cases, when I compare the prices on the same items in the supermarket, the Walmart price is not just marginally lower, it is WAY lower, often even beating the supermarket's "sale" prices. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to throw my hard-earned (and taxed to subsistence level by the government you union assholes give so much support to) money away when I don't have to do so.

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