Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Time It Will Be Different, So Let's Just Give The State Even More Power

T.C. Tells It Like It Is...

...it's not the laws or the concept of 'welfare' - or that 'entitlements' are important as Obama seems to ludicrously believe - that keep us in check, it's the fear of going to jail and having the state rape us silly.

They have done little to improve the negative aspects of human nature. The government's failed war on drugs and poverty are prime examples of arrogance run amock using the state as our weapon.

The universal vices that afflict us were evident with Homer and little has changed.

Yet, we still laughably believe creating new bureaucracies with the notion 'this time it'll be different!' and increased taxes to fix said problems will bring us back to a magical time.-from the comments at 18-35


  1. If you are referring to the title, no, you didn't. But that's the mentality of the insane fake "liberals" in a nutshell.

  2. No, I meant the body.

    Joke gone bad.

    'Fake' and fairweather liberals, conservatives and socialists all annoy me equally. They give each a bad name.


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