Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Eye Candy: Beautiful Asian Girls/Grace Park

Grace Park

She can battlestar my galactica anytime (and Hawaii my five-0 too!)


  1. Very nice girls! Grace Park I have a big poster of her, very sexy!

  2. You lost me.

    I don't endorse women objectified as fucking objects.

    Pity you have so little respect for women, instead you prefer to turn them into sluts and whores.

    With friends like you, women don't need enemies.

  3. I don't endorse women objectified as fucking objects

    No, you just endorse apartheid and eugenics (click on her profile folks and check out her blogs), you fucking racist, man-hating hypocrite!

    You comment has inspired a whole post, so thanks for giving me a good idea, I'll be writing it soon.

    You don't know me, or my deep respect for all people and our common humanity. You don't know of my heartfelt love for the woman I'm going to marry, or her struggles (ex-cop, epileptic, injured seriously - almost a year in hospital- in a car accident, father died at 53 of cancer, rape victim) and our mutual support of each other. You know nothing of me, so shut your fucking pie hole, you stupid ignorant bitch!

    On male sexuality, I'll only comment that men are very visual and like to look (it has nothing to do with your "objectifying" women politically correct crap) and that has nothing to do with the goodness in their hearts and everything to do with their sexual nature as bestowed by natural selection. You are the one who has no respect (for men) and no understanding of the innocence of a post like this (and I suppose the women who pose for these pictures are also somehow victims, though I'm guessing that someone such as Grace Park makes more money than I'll ever have a chance to earn my lifetime).

    instead you prefer to turn them into sluts and whores.

    How dare you tell me what I think of women, or that I desire any such thing, you fucking piece of lying shit! Do all decent people a favor and go shoot yourself!

  4. Nikk, they're just upset you didn't post pictures of white girls.

    But I like some of your arguments, as well.

    For the record, men don't objectify women. Women objectify men all the time, though, seeing them as accessories. This probably derives from when using objects to get off sexually (vibrators, dildos/dildoes [never know if there is an "e" in the plural]). Women see men as "pieces of meat" all the time. Men see women as people... just sometimes, they are people we want to stick their penis into. Women are the ones who sexualize objects and objectify people of the opposite gender and then project this complex onto men.

  5. You go girl! Nikk that is.

    Your wife to be has gone through a lot. Thanks for the perspective.

  6. I can go along with that, Bret!

    T.C., thanks for the support! It just makes my blood boil when someone presumes in their ignorant self-righteousness to tell me who and what I am! Fuck that shit!

  7. I stand by my comments; and my african american husband agrees.

    I don't endorse women objectified as fucking objects. Not white women, not asian women, not muslim women, not black women. NO WOMEN turned into SLUTS AND WHORES by MEN WITH FUCK ALL HONOUR.

    Pity you have so little respect for women, instead you prefer to support them to turn themselves into sluts and whores. Any woman who exposes herself as these women have done to men whom they are not in a relationship with are SLUTS AND WHORES!! YOUR TOTAL LACK OF HONOUR TO RESPECT WOMEN AS PEOPLE NOT FUCKING OBJECTS SUPPORT THEIR SLUTTIFICATION OF THEMSELVES!!

    With friends like you, women don't need enemies.

  8. Oh shut up, Andrea, you fucking moron! I also stand by what I said. You have no respect for anyone, or anyone's values besides your own very fucked up ones.

    Any woman who exposes herself as these women have done to men whom they are not in a relationship with are SLUTS AND WHORES!!

    You sound like a fucking religous nut (the ALL CAPS are a dead giveaway, too), like the extremist Muslims who would set us back and force women to cover themselves head to toe whenever they're in public. Take your fucked up backward Victorian views on sex and shove them!

    And again, how dare you come here and judge the kind of person I am! Fuck you!

    And learn how to argue, Andrea, you ignorant slut. You simply beg the question, make assertions, read my mind, and repeat the same idiocy as before.

    You are a perfect example of the intellectualy dishonest fool. Now please, go away and leave honest, decent people alone. We have no time for your nonsense.

  9. You ever sat down and spoken to any of these women who whore themselves to men they have never met; men with NO HONOUR LIKE YOU!!??

    Since you consider your encourage of women to slut themselves and whore themselves to men they HAVE NEVER MET! Why don't you post some photos of your slut half-naked wife, spreading her legs for all your friends, perverts and everyone else to sit and jerk off to?

    You just told us this is 'women's freedom' to be whores and sluts; so why not liberate your wife to be a whore and slut?

    How dare I come here and judge you for treating women like whores and sluts??? If you ain't got any friends and family to point it out to you, you clearly are living in a moral gutter! One day you may think back and thank me for being someone who clearly demonstrated their SKEPTLICAL EYE CAPACITY TO AVOID YOUR CULTURES OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN AND WHORES AND SLUTS BRAINWASHING!!

    I don't have to read your mind; I can observe your behaviour. I have so much respect for women, I wouldn't post photos like this of women if you STUCK A GUN TO MY HEAD! You have so little respect for women, you will just encourage them to whore and slut themselves, so you can your moral filth friends, can sit back and objectify them, for your moral filth pleasure!

    Define intellectual dishonest! What am I being dishonest about? What am I ignorant about? I have provided the evidence for my argument; your behaviour and treatment of women as sluts and whores to men they have never even met.

    Post the naked photos of your wife and sister and mother; or apologize if you have the honour to do so. You don't. The word honour means nothing to you. If you had any, you would refuse to post such naked photos of women, if someone stuck a gun to your head.

  10. I'm sure if Nik's girlfriend (not wife) was a model who freely chose to have herself photographed for money, he wouldn't hesitate in posting them.

    You have no respect for women if you won't even respect their decision to make a living as a model. What you want is censorship, probably because you're a fascist white supremacist.

    Why is it you Nazis always think you know what's best for others?

  11. So if Nik's mother/sister/girlfriend decided tomorrow she wanted to whore herself like a slut, spreading her legs for total strangers to jerk off to; his dad would say 'sure honey, your decision if you want to whore yourself, I'll be happy to financially beneft from you selling your soul?

    Charming! If I had 'friends' like that I'd be in fucking deep trouble. If I decided to whore myself for money tomorrow; my friends would sit down and have a real tough love conversation with me; about what the fuck i was doing to my life; my psyche. What was the underlying problem of psychological insecurities, that I felt the need to whore myself like a slut; to expose myself to perverts.

    I asked: How many of you have sat down and spoken to any woman who has slutted or whored herself like these do, after a few years? Just like a sister. Ask her how she feels about herself? Did she make the right decisions? Was the money worth selling her soul for? Did she wish there had been a friend around to give her some tough love questions, before she made such a disastrous decision, for her psyche and sense of self? No, none of you give a fuck about that!

    But sorry, I forgot your fake liberals and fake conservatives got no interest in such things as character and honour; or in showing sincere concern for another being, when you perceive them to making a fucked up decision, to sell their souls. No, hey, rather let them sell their souls, you will be happy to watch and jerk off to their destruction of self!

  12. As for fascist white supremacist: I spent a year in a prison cell on behalf of african people's rights? How many days you spent in an African prison for black folks rights? I imagine none! So who is the white fascist supremacist; huh???

    You think that black people are retarded and treat them like your retarded monkeys, and demand that they don't be held to the same standards as white folks. I have one standard for everyone; white, pink, jew, muslim, lesbian, etc.

    I ain't so fucking brainwashed that I am ignorant of the fact that blacks under apartheid did NOT WANT BLACK RULE! Nor am I so brainwashed as you, that I don't know that black south africans in South Africa under apartheid had the highest living standards of all blacks in Africa, and higher liviing standards than middle class communists!

    Let me give you one little statistic buddy. You know why black folks in South Africa had to be terrorized by the necklace and street committee execution justice to support hte ANC; why they did not want the FASCIST ANC:

    I endorse -- and have gone to prison -- for white and black folks; you????

    So, Mr. Skeptical Supports the 'right of women' to slut and whore themselves. Does your skeptical mind know that Deaths in Police Custody have gone up by 25,725% in ANC’s ‘TRC Rainbow Duhmockery’


    When last did your CNN (where you get your news about South Africa!! clearly) tell you the that??). Skeptical minds, what fucking bullshit! You guys are even more brainwashed than the people you think are brainwashed. Cause you think you are 'skeptically minded' by getting your information about other countries FROM CNN!!

    Deaths in Apartheid Police custody:

    ‘Crime Against Humanity’ Apartheid South Africa:

    1963 – 1994: 75 Deaths in 31 Years = 2.4 Deaths per year

    Throughout the entire apartheid-era up to 75 people died in police-custody throughout the period between 1963 and 1994. (A Crime Against Humanity - Analysing the Repression of the Apartheid State, Edited by Max Coleman, a publication of the Human Rights Committee in South Africa: The Detention Weapon)

    ‘Rainbow Democracy’ South Africa:

    Jan – Nov 2010: 566 Deaths in 11 months = 617.4 Deaths per year

    Political parties yesterday called for a swift investigation into the deaths of 566 people at the hands of police in the current year. The call comes after the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) revealed yesterday that out of this overall national figure, 16 of those killed by police were innocent people. Many of the policemen involved have not even been suspended, let alone charged! (Parties urge probe into 566 deaths, Canaan Mdletshe, Mhlaba Memela & Sibongile Mashaba, The Sowetan, 23 November 2010)




  13. I asked: How many of you have sat down and spoken to any woman who has slutted or whored herself like these do, after a few years?

    I have. I've hung out with porn actors, dungeon mistresses, prostitutes ("escorts"), models... basically the types of people who "sell their souls." I know people who are doctors and pharmacists because they were able to pay for their education this way. They don't regret it one bit, though I could give a few a call to confirm.

    Yet unlike you, none of them ended up with minds riddled with syphilis.

  14. @ Bret
    Thanks for making my point. You are so brainwashed in your culture of moral filth and whoredom; you totally lack any critical - skeptical mind enquiry - thinking faculties; to question a culture and society that requires people to prostitute themselves as whores and sluts to get an education! You consider this 'normal'!

    You clearly are clueless about cultures who have NO RAPISTS; NO MURDERERS, NO WHORING SLUTS; NO BREEDING OF HATED UNWANTED CHILDREN as slaves and whoring slut cannon fodder for an Empires 'economic growth' and imperialism!

    Why don't you tattoo a -- Dunning & Kruger LemonJuice -- barcode on your forehead; so people can remind you to think!?

  15. Andrea, you're always good for a laugh, so thanks for stopping by again! Watch this comment section for more fun soon, cause I'll be back to link to a post honoring Andrea.

    But while I have her here, a few questions:

    When exactly does a woman become a "whore"?

    Is she a whore if she wears a bikini to the beach (where -horrors- men besides her husband might see her)?

    Is she a whore if she wears tight jeans in public? How tight do the jeans have to be before she reaches whore level?

    How about skirts? Is there a set "whore" length?

    How much of her body can she show before a woman becomes a whore?

    What about cleavage? Does showing any at all make a woman a whore?

    Is the way to avoid being a whore to only go out in public dressed like the women is countries governed by Islamic law?

  16. Why is the sin always the woman being a whore, not men being perverts? I don't mind you calling us names, but leave the ladies out of it.

    Go be woman-loathing scum on one of your pro-apartheid blogs where the supremacists will applaud you. We think you're a psycho bitch over here.

  17. I love fake-feminists who secretly would prefer to annihilate all men.

    Andrea was probably raped as a girl. Forgive her.

  18. I don't know what your definition of fake feminists is Karl.

    I can tell you according to my definition of feminism, I practice what I preach.

    No I was never raped. No I would not prefer to annihilate all men. I love men, honourable men, are worthy dying for. I have no time for walking penises who cal themselves men, but whose only purpose in life is obedience to their penis. No honour, no character. Just walking penises. I would not object to them being annihilated; for their poverty pimping breeding war walking penis behaviour is bent on the destruction of honourable men and women. If they were happy to live on their contiennt and honourable men and women could live on theirs, I'd be happy to coexist. But they are not; walking penises, will not rest until every woman is a whore and a slut, for thier walking penis hollywhorewood society. All in the name of walking penis feminism of course!


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