Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Social Media Fight California Online Privacy Legislation

A proposed bill in California would make social network settings private by default and give more control to parents.

...Facebook hasn’t kept tight lipped. It is now leading a squad of 17 companies and trade groups including Google, the Internet Alliance,, Skype, Twitter, Yahoo and Zynga, to try to shoot the bill down.

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What business is this of the government? Don't parents already have control? Aren't they capable of saying "No!" to their brats? Why is it the responsibility of Facebook or any other company to police everything?

And if you're really concerned about your privacy, why are you revealing so much of your real life on the Internet in the first place, fool?

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  1. The stink of it is these people don't give a rats ass about the kids. They are trying to silence any outlet that gives people the ability to speak out against them.

    Since when did it become necessary for independent businesses to raise our children? Instead of putting to the free market business lets start holding parents to account for what their children are doing and not doing.

    Wake up America!


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