Monday, May 2, 2011

Question of the Night: Do You Have Any Doubts About The Official Account of The Killing of Osama bin Laden?

I won't go into the fact that if Osama is dead (probably) that it raises questions if Obama intended to murder Osama, rather than attempt to take him alive. Shots to the head? Sounds like less than trying to capture him alive.

With Pres. Obama’s popularity continuing to decline in the face of the Middle East wars, enduring downturns in the health of the economy and the dollar, accelerated upturns in gasoline prices, and other evidence that our centrally directed society is in collapse, some good news was badly needed by our political masters. Where can such encouragement be found in the real world? Hmmm.


We ought to heed the words of the late George Carlin, to “never believe anything the government tells me!”

The mainstream media is doing its assigned job of propagandizing the government’s line on this. You will hear no disquieting questions asked. As Noam Chomsky reminds us, it is not the media’s role to raise questions that might cast doubts on government policies.

As Americans become increasingly disenchanted with governmental performance, President Obama prefaced his Sunday night remarks with these words: “Let’s bring back the sense of unity that existed on 9/11.” The next morning, CNN’s Carol Costello chirped her lines: “Americans are united again.” How about that! Wouldn’t it be nice if we just had bin Laden’s body to offer to the public as evidence supporting Obama’s claim. But, darn, someone immediately disposed of his remains, and at sea, no less, where recovery would be impossible!-We’re United Again!


  1. It's already been made clear that the government's stance was that they weren't taking him alive. Everything I saw said the government intended to kill him from the start.. but I was just watching and reading the news, not youtube crackpots.

    I dno't see enough specifics to bother doubting anything at the moment. We have independent confirmation some sort of action occurred (someone in the town twittered the sounds of the events from nearby).

    It's also unlikely that the government would just kill random people and say it's Osama. That assumes he's already dead, because if he is alive, he need only step forward to disprove what happened. If he's already dead, I have to wonder why the Bush administration didn't jump all over that. Bush wasn't opposed to declaring something that wasn't entirely backed up with proof.

    But go on doubting it. That will distract people from real issues, which is what's important, right? It works for the mainstream media...

  2. Oh, of course they intended to kill (murder) him from the start, but that's the point, isn't it?

  3. So what's to stop you from understanding the truth, Bret. In my eyes the thing is it's not the government, it all behind the scenes, so yes, call it conspiracy if you wish, but leave open the door to see the light.

    Unlikely of all is it just happen the way they told us, I'm not a buyer into that!

  4. I know conspiracies happen. Like this one time in 2001, some Arabs conspired to fly planes into some buildings. The thing is, we figured out what happened rather quickly... though there was plenty of tin-foil-hat-wearing types who knew more about physics and engineering than PhDs who did studies on it.

    This isn't a case of, "Did Osama pull a gun, or did they just shoot him?" We know the intention of the whole operation was to kill him (judge that as you will). What is questionable here? All I see are claims that Osama has been dead for years, with not a shred of evidence.

    Let's put it this way: I trust that the details I heard are basically what happened (they are sparse and very general). I trust it is accurate because it is plausible and there is so much to lose if this is a faked stunt. If this turns out to be wrong, it will be great evidence for how horrible Obama is... but it will likely turn out that there is simply a cross-section of America that will reject Obama's claim that the sun will rise tomorrow.


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