Monday, May 9, 2011

The Peg Lamp Means No Screwing

Designed by Steffi Min for her industrial design senior thesis, the Peg lamp looks and functions like an oversized clothespin, directly clipping onto a standard light bulb.-Peg lamp lets us spend less time screwing in light bulbs, more time talking about them

Peg from Steffi Min on Vimeo.

Okay, so my question is, is it really only "standard" light bulbs that it clips to, and if so, what will become of the Peg lamp after the Federal criminal gang's ban on incandescent bulbs takes effect? It's not a production lamp, but you still get my point, don't you, government lovers?

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  1. Nice peg lamp!

    Re Light bulb ban,
    There's an irony there somewhere,
    banning simple safe known technology in favor of unknown and seemingly
    unsafe technology
    - normally of course products are banned for being unsafe to use (like lead paint).

    It is a "ban":
    Temporarily allowed (2020 USA, 2016 EU) and unpopular Halogen etc
    incandescents are themselves more complex and costly and with a
    different whiter light, for marginal savings, compared to the simple,
    cheap, popular regular incandescent types.
    Besides, society would save even less energy if people bought Halogens,
    so they are rarely available in general stores in post-ban Europe,
    and only in smaller ranges anyway.

    All lights have their advantages in different rooms and situations
    in 45-light American households
    - none that are safe to use should be banned.
    The government idea to
    "Switch all your lights to save money" is like saying
    "Eat only bananas and save money".

    Notice also how major light bulb manufacturers
    - surprisingly at first sight -
    welcome being told what they can or can't make,
    welcome the ban on unprofitable cheap simple types of incandescent light bulbs,
    allowing them to make and sell more CFLs or LEDs or Halogens, that
    people would not otherwise want to buy in "sufficient" quantities.

    How manufacturers and vested interests have pushed for the ban on
    the popular but unprofitable simple regular light bulbs, and lobbied for favors:
    with documentation and copies of official communications


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