Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Captured Alive, Then Shot BY US Forces!

Didn't a government spokesman tell us that they would have taken bin Laden alive if that was possible?

But at least one SE contributor has told us the official account shouldn't be questioned. Oh well, so much for skeptical "liberals"...

Osama Bin Laden's daughter has claimed he was captured alive in his Pakistani hideout and then shot by U.S. special forces, it was reported today.

Arabic news network Al-Arabiya quoted 'senior Pakistani security officials' who said the 12-year-old saw her father executed and his body dragged to a helicopter.

Bin Laden was captured alive and then executed, 'claims daughter, 12'

Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffalos, a cow and around 150 chickens.

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