Saturday, May 21, 2011

Once 2013 Hits, Can We Finally Be Done With All This Nonsense? Please? No?

Well, no, it won't be done, not at all. Harold Camping might be done (he's almost out of this world, anyway, at age 89) and I don't think we'll get any more end times predictions out of him, though even in his case, it could happen, after all, what does he have to lose? He'll be dead when the next one's scheduled (if he's smart and sets it far enough into the future). However, as long as irrationality exists (and it will as long as there is a human race) and as long as there is more faith in ancient pre-scientific religious texts and the interpreters of such texts than there is in science and rationality, end times prophecies will continue to be made. We still have all the "Rapture Ready" types out there, and even without date setting, they're expecting it all to end soon and Jesus to return in the clouds. That, of course, is insane, but a clear indication that until people put reason before faith and emotion, we'll keep getting those willing to exploit the ignorance and gullibility of the unthinking masses.

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