Sunday, May 22, 2011

News and Notes: Traffic Report

I want to thank all of our recent visitors (and return visitors) here at Skeptical Eye. While we've been in the range of about 1,000 unique visits a day recently, yesterday we hit over 2,500 unique visitors and almost 3,000 page views! Already today, at about 10AM Pacific Daylight Time, we're at 996 visits. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and do feel free to comment, as well. We have a very liberal comment policy here, with only outright spam really going against our commenting guidelines (though we reserve the right to delete any comments at our discretion, even if we won't exercise that right very often).

On another note, after the recent Blogger outage troubles, I'm happy to state that not only were our posts of May 11 and 12 restored by Blogger, but it looks as if the deleted comments have returned as well. Kudos to the Blogger team!

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