Friday, May 20, 2011

News and Notes: Restored Posts and More

Well, another News and Notes, third one in a week, I think, which is a record. For those of you unaware, this is a post where I bring you things related to this blog, and though it's probably one of the most unpopular features I've ever come up with for SE (that's Skeptical Eye, for you newbies) it deserves its place here, because, after all, this is the Greatest blog in the universe...

Well, I got those posts that Blogger deleted restored, and Blogger did it! Thank you, Blogger team! I forgive you, but I don't know why. I'm just happy I didn't have to do much work other than republish the posts once they reappeared in draft (I did set the dates back to the original dates and order of posting). If you're curious about those posts, they were published on May 11 and 12. I'm such an easy going guy, I even make myself mad sometimes cause I'm such a pushover and can be won over by a few kind words or concessions (a hot dog and a cold soda, some chips, yeah, that'll do it). Perhaps we all should be more forgiving, but let's admit it can be more fun to be an unforgiving, ungrateful asshole sometimes.

Blogger was a mess for a couple of days, and I felt neglected, since our missing posts did not return on schedule as so many others did, but now that they're back, I'm back to completely forgetting all the times Blogger has frustrated me, and I'm also honest enough to say that, overall, they do a damn good job, considering the millions of blogs that use Blogger to get their messages out to the world. I still recommend Blogger to all beginners to blogging, and I still think it's the easiest blogging platform to learn and use. I know some talk endlessly of moving to WordPress (hell, I've done it myself) but once you're at Blogger, it's pretty hard to make a break. Should we even want to? After the Blogger outage last week, one blogger said no:

As 'horrible' as that experience was, it is still no reason to abandon the cloud. As far as I can tell, the worst group hit suffered about a day of not being able to update, and maybe two days before lost posts were restored. To put that in perspective; in roughly eight years of service their worst outage was a days worth of no access, a few days worth of posts inaccessible for two days, with no data lost and everything restored and back to normal in two days.

Now ask yourself what your offline track record has been in those same eight years. How many of your hard drives have cashed or been corrupted? How many memory cards, cds/dvds, and flash drives have you lost? How many of your files are stuck on floppy disks or in formats that are now outdated or unreadable? If you can honestly answer that you have never lost anything, always kept the files in up to date formats on up to date media, and never had anything break on you, you have not matched up to Google's Blogger cloud yet. To equal the cloud you can only have forgot your flash drive or needed something on one PC while you were on another for two days in the last eight years. Even if you can claim that, which is doubtful, I would still give the cloud the edge given the nuance of needing to carry everything around with you instead of just needed internet access.-Google's Blogger Outage Not a Reason to Abandon The Cloud

On the particular issue of lost data and being unable to post, he's probably right, though tell that to Adam S, a friend of this blog who has moved from Blogger to WordPress and didn't waste any time in doing so. Adam's old blog is Politically Confused, but he's moved to Non Chosen News on For the differences between and .org, go here: vs.

There may of course be other reasons to move a blog, including wanting to host it yourself, which unfortunately costs money, but gives you greater control, including having your own domain name (which you can use with the free blogging platforms, too, but your blog itself is still under the ultimate control of someone else -there have been those whose blogs have been removed for some kind of "violation" for example).

I don't think Skeptical Eye will be moving anywhere, however. We may expand into new ventures and new websites (actually, we plan to for sure), but the old blog will probably remain right where it's at. Which reminds me, check out our new Coming Depression News blog, too. It's just getting started, so expect major improvements soon. But in the meantime, it just might have some info you'll find interesting.

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