Thursday, May 12, 2011

Molestation of Baby By TSA Stirs Public Anger In US

This photo, taken in a Kansas City airport, has grabbed national attention with over 300,000 views on Twitter since its release this past weekend. In it Transportation Security Administration agents are patting down a baby while his mother holds him. This is the latest of a series of TSA screening procedures that has sparked a public outcry.

You were outraged, unless you are a shill for the state or a member of the "Good Little Sheeple" brigade. Witness some of the comments at the article linked below:

I love how people assume TSA was checking the baby like it was the baby they were afraid of and not someone else putting something WITH the baby. Kind of like when they check a suitcase, they're not checking because the SUITCASE has a sinister plan, but the person carrying it might. Keep freaking out, everyone. That way I can start sneaking heroin onto airplanes in baby diapers.

So, stop freaking out, people, when the state violates your most basic human rights! Someone might be hiding a bomb in that baby's diaper! Oh, and please, give your support to the rights-violating drug war while you're at it!

One big flaw in this outrage of patting down little kids...Don't think for a SECOND that terrorists would not hesitate to pack a baby's diapers or a toddler's underwear full of explosives if they were sure they could get them on a plane... Insurgents in Iraq have been know to use little kids to deliver their bombs to their targets

The Baby Bomb, the new terrorist weapon of choice! (they especially like to use little white American babies to hide their explosives in).

Believe me, the good sheeple know that's a real possibility, for when another statist loon suggests instead racial profiling...

Except that once you profile you leave an entire section of populous free to get on a plane without being screened. So then the terrorists could try and turn someone who is an American and get THEM to carry the bomb on the plane. Heck, they don't even have to have to take THAT much time. All they have to do is Con someone at the airport into checking a bag or carrying a bag on for them. And don't tell me there wouldn't be someone who would check a bag for someone else, or carry a bag on for someone else, especially if they got paid to do it. Good con men can spot the "marks". So tell me, how is profiling smart?

Yeah, no profiling, let's just humiliate and demean everyone getting on a plane by taking every last shred of human dignity away from everybody.

What if the mom and her child were in the witness protection program? Way to go Pastor Privacy

Ah, someone who is more offended by a citizen concerned about government abuses snapping a photo than they are by the constant violations of privacy by the Almighty State, that we must worship as our new God or we're on the side of the "terrorists". Congratulations, America, you've come a long way from Ben Franklin's "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." It is now the America of Michelle Malkin "conservatism", where the National Security State must be obeyed and we must sacrifice our liberties for the good of the American Military Empire (Michelle Malkin: DOWDIFYING BEN FRANKLIN)

The Rev. Jacob Jester wasn’t trying to start anything.

But when he saw security screeners at Kansas City International Airport patting down a baby — a baby — he took a picture.

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