Saturday, May 21, 2011

John W. Loftus on The Rapture

John W. Loftus on the Rapture madness:

There is no way to interpret the Bible as having a secret rapture. Bob Price more than adequately demolishes such a view in his book The Paperback Apocalypse. Many other Christians agree. All extant Jewish literature plainly shows they thought of but two eras; one before the Messiah and the other one after the Messiah. There is no room in their expectations for a rapture before the end of times. There is no room for thinking that the Church was a Great Parentheses either, where God's timetable is on hold in a waiting pattern. Such an interpretation is simply the result of the fact that the end of the world and the restoration of Israel did not happen as they had expected in the day of Jesus.-Why I Think The Rapture Madness is Indeed Madness

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