Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gangster Politics

Is Obama engaging in gangster politics? Yes, according to the following from the Wall Street Journal. Now, the truth is, Obama, as president of the criminal gang in Washington, is the Gangster-In-Chief, but that makes him no different than any other U.S. President.

President Obama has officially kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign, and don't Republicans know it. The president is expected any day now to sign an executive order that routs 70 years of efforts to get politics out of official federal business.

Under the order, all companies (and their officers) would be required to list their political donations as a condition to bidding for government contracts. Companies can bid and lose out for the sin of donating to Republicans. Or they can protect their livelihoods by halting donations to the GOP altogether—which is the White House's real aim. Think of it as "not-pay to play."

Obama's 'Gangster Politics'


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Great blog, keep up the good work. Wake up America!

  2. Well, the Empire must fall down before it could be rebuilt.


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