Friday, May 6, 2011

Discussion: Muslim Rage

Why do you think Muslim extremists got more upset about Mohammed cartoons or the burning of a Quran than the death of bin Laden?


  1. How should i know what the moslems think I'm not a stupid moslem. We should just nuke all there countries and solve the problem.

  2. So people are insane and completely irrational... that could be. That's what you were intending to convey, right?

  3. To anon., I've no doubt that many Americans (and maybe most Republicans) would cheer the total annihilation of "the enemy" through the means of a nuclear holocaust. The irony here is that it is Islam that is supposed to be a culture of death as opposed to life, but all we seem to celebrate in "Christian" America is killing people, then we call those doing the killing, heroes. Sick!

    To Bret, the reason they get more upset is because Bin Laden is just a man, but the Koran is the literal Word of God. To burn a Koran to is to directly attack Allah. To insult the Prophet is to attack the Prophet. To the extreme religious mind, that which does no harm (burning an object, drawing a cartoon) is the more serious threat, whereas simply killing someone (who now has his 72 virgins in paradise anyway) is just not as outrageous or offensive.

  4. They're still in shock that their muslim brother (Obama) can do such bad things to them: threaten, kill, causing anarchy.


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