Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Collapse of Recorded Music Sales

The record companies, going down! Oh yeah, baby!

The record companies, on the way, out! Oh hell yeah, baby!

The record companies singing a sad tune! Oh yeah, now!

Woah yeah! Sing it with me! -(lyrics to Nikk Jakson's unrecorded song Record Company Collapse (oh yeah baby!)

Chart here on recorded music sales as percentage of GDP, by country. On top? Japan and the crazy British (I wasn't surprised by those numbers, really, due to those two being a couple of abnormal goofball countries). The U.S. is kinda in the middle (not unexpected either), and near the bottom we find Spain and Italy, where we're told "piracy is entrenched" (go Spain and Italy!) and at the very bottom, China, where they basically say to the statist copyright Nazi mega corporations "you can take your intellectual property and shove it".

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