Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bin Laden's Wives

The Pakistani government will allow the U.S. to interrogate three of Bin Laden's wives. The CIA believes they may have "valuable information".

The Pakistani government has announced it will allow the U.S. to interrogate three of Osama bin Laden’s wives. 
The three women have been in Pakistani custody since the U.S. Navy Seal Raid on May 2nd. One of the women, 29-year-old Amal Abdulfattah was wounded in the incident.

The CIA requested access to the women in hopes of learning details about bin Laden’s activities and potential terrorist plots.

U.S. intelligence maintains the necessity of speaking with the women, but a former chief of Inter Services Intelligence tells IPS News the women won’t have much to offer.

“They may not even know who came and visited Osama... Arabs don’t usually share a lot of information with their wives and these women were not involved in terrorism. And I believe, if they will be interrogated, it will be in a very non-violent manner.”

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Wait a minute! Wouldn't Osama bin Laden himself have had even more valuable information? Yet, obviously, his killing was a mob hit, and the purpose of the operation from the beginning was to kill Bin Laden (which makes Barack Obama, the man who ordered/approved the hit, a murderer, though of course, he was before this, too), but, if you're after "information" why wouldn't you take him alive and interrogate him, instead of shooting him in the head while he's unarmed and then dumping his body at sea? Were they afraid of putting Bin Laden on trial? Afraid of the truth? Afraid they had no evidence of his involvement in 9/11 (the kind that can actually convict someone beyond a reasonable doubt?).

Now they want to interrogate the man's wives? They had the man himself and they shot him through the head! Please!

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