Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Neocon Ever

Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead and Barack Hussein Obama has released his Birth Certificate (at least, a fake one that probably has accurate data on it), we can all rest easy that President Obama has been legitimately tearing apart the Constitution and robbing us of our everyday rights on a scale that only President Bush could hope to have accomplished.  In fact, I would argue that President Obama has been the penultimate example of what the neocon warhawks were seeking to accomplish all along.

Let’s start with the foreign policies that Obama has maintained and ramped up since taking office.  First of all, the Democrats are probably the biggest hypocrites when it comes to being anti-war.  Every major war that the United States has fought in the last 100 years was started by a Democrat President, and usually with some farcical notion of spreading Democracy or eliminating oppression around the world.  When the conservative movement picked it up in the 1950s, that’s when it became political.  You see, before that ugly Catholic known as William F. Buckley, Jr. came on the scene, the conservative movement was largely a non-interventionist movement.  Many of them even opposed World War II.

So when President Bush started two invasions and occupations, the Democrats weren’t mad because of the war, but because he had stolen their idea.  Since no politician can copyright a policy (yet), there was no way for the Democrats to complain about it and so they pretended to support the Leftist anti-war movement.  In truth, the Democrat elites in Congress are the perfect example of an oligarchy complete with full contempt for their supporters.

Despite this, neither party seems to have a monopoly on waging war effectively in the last 6 decades, unless it’s a country the size of Rhode Island.  This probably has something to do with the fact that no official declaration of war has been past by Congress in that time.  Neoconservatives will argue that so long as Congress continues to authorize funding for the wars, this is the equivalent.  Of course, they’ve never really read up on what the founding fathers have said in the past about it.

In any case, they are correct to a degree.  Which leads me to another point that Democrats, including our current President, are bigger neocon warhawks than the neocons themselves.  Once the Democrats took official control of Congress in 2007, they had the power to defund the unconstitutional foreign wars that we have been involved in.  In other words, they had the power to stop it but didn’t bother too.  Never, ever trust a Botox smile from a woman is the lesson here.

Then Barack Obama, who promised to end foreign wars, has ramped up the wars and ordered the execution of Osama Bin Laden.  Now, I’m not angry with Obama for doing it all, I actually am indifferent about the whole matter (and it would seem that the polls are showing the same attitude across America).  But I wonder why it took the CIA, who is suppose to be the best intelligence agency in the world, six years to find him.  He was sitting in the same house for six years.  Meanwhile, because of the CIA’s ineptitude, thousands of lives were lost.

Still, I have to give credit where credit is due.  President Obama, on the word of a tortured detainee, was able to find and execute a mass murderer.  The neocons would be proud.

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