Sunday, May 15, 2011

Am I Back?

Am I back to blogging after the Blogger fiasco of this past week? I suppose so. It was certainly a convenient excuse for me to do some other things and not spend so much time posting stuff here. But I do think I'm back and raring to go! But right now, I've got to go get my oil changed, so be patient, will ya?

For now, hows about a little music break...

A nice original YouTube video of McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed

And, from the album that told millions of hippies that Paul was really back (after his supposed lackluster solo albums that followed immediately after the Beatles breakup) the title song from Band on the Run. There was no doubt after that success that McCartney was the greatest pop songwriter of his generation.

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  1. What happened with Blogger? I lost a couple of posts temporarily and comments permanently.



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