Friday, December 10, 2010

Vox Day on WikiLeaks

Maybe Bret's opinion on Vox will now soften a little...

I write not to condemn Julian Assange, but to praise him. More than that, I write to accuse those so-called conservatives who have waxed hysterical in their contemptible fulminations against Assange and his organization, Wikileaks, of being ideological frauds, enemies of democracy and false friends of human liberty.


If one wishes to wrongly assert that Julian Assange has spots of blood from a few nonexistent deaths spotting his hands, one must first admit that George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Rumsfeld and all of those who successfully advocated the Afghan and Iraqi invasions have been swimming in oceans of human blood so long that they have evolved into vampire amphibians complete with gills. Unlike Assange, the deaths for which they are clearly and unambiguously the direct causal factors are not theoretical; the body counts of American soldiers sacrificed to their geopolitical ambitions are real.

WikiLeaks is freedom in action

h/t Strike The Root


  1. WikiLeak too much Change for Obama?
    Know It's roller coaster, still xx harder for totalitarian states.

    We NEED transparency for our global society that we created an cannot control. To many crises. We'd never gone to Iraq if we read the cables first?

    How can a few wise leaders alone solve complex global issues pending ?
    People need to be involved/need same info on these complex issues to let our global society decide & survive.

    If democracy fails, the only solution is More democracy.
    E-vote(power), not E-commerce(money) that changes our world!
    so think ..our 200 y old democracy, then we beat china!

  2. Wow, Vox likes WikiLeaks... maybe this means we can put aside our differences and go out raping people together.


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