Thursday, December 2, 2010


How did he know this was it? The whispers came out of the cold air, and the wind steadied the verbal miscommunications of undisclosed confusion. His hat flew off and he ran after it, into the rain this time, but without his coat.

"Stop me!" shouted the bandit in the red coat. The eyes weren't real. There was a soul missing and a false witness on the stand who lied about the color of the blanket.
When I get home tonight, I'll make breakfast he thought, though he knew that meant breaking eggs, lots of eggs, as he enjoyed his omelets big.

"They'll never let me get away with it," he said aloud. "They'll kill me." But he pushed the button anyway and blew up the world.

This. And this. Yes, and this too. I'll give it all away.

He dreamed an odd thing. The people who he was trying to help, who called themselves the Anti-Red Coat Party, were mostly siding with the Red Coats. They were in the midst of a major world revolution, and it was being sabotaged by the Red Coat haters. Then a big, fat, laughing Anti-Red Coat walked into his dream, with a booming voice, and a wearing a black coat and hat that made the giant figure nearly invisible.

"Damn you to Hell!" the Black Coat screamed at him. Then the huge, bellowing monster (he seemed no longer a man, but rather more of a grotesque mutation) removed his coat and hat, revealing a red jumpsuit with symbols all over it made of tiny diamonds. The symbols looked like a cross between dollar signs and skulls. "Ho, Ho, Ho!" said the Black/Red coat.

He woke up screaming, but there was no time for screaming, only work, and he knew he must continue. This will pass he thought. Then he got dressed and walked out into the storm.

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