Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There's Gold In Them There Pawn Shops

There has been an upsurge of interest in pawn shops recently, due to popular television "reality" shows that have generated curiosity about the whole pawn shop business. Even before that I'd had my interest in the subject piqued by a co-worker who liked to tell tales of his years working in pawn shops in Las Vegas. He would relate stories of strange items people would bring in, sometimes to sell, but more often to "pawn" to get some quick cash. Of course, some of the things were quite normal and not strange at all, like watches and jewelry and gold and silver items. When someone pawns something, they're receiving a loan on the item that they must pay back with interest by a certain date, or else the pawn shop keeps the item.

My co-worker said he learned a lot about the value of various gold and silver and diamond jewelry items. He had to, being in that line of work. Someone once brought a watch in that he wasn't sure was real, but he took a chance and bought it anyway. It turned out it was real, but unfortunately, stolen. He learned a tough lesson on that one transaction. He still had an interest in diamonds, gold, silver and jewelry and would express his continuing desire to buy those things, though just for himself this time. I would watch him surf the web between calls (we were working in a call center) or on breaks as he viewed websites that bought and sold all those things. He would tell me about differences in diamonds, and how to tell them apart, or how much certain gold and silver items might be worth, and how people wouldn't always get the best price at a pawn shop if they were looking to sell rather than just get a loan on their gold and silver jewelry and other precious metal items. Were there Las Vegas Pawn Shops that buy gold for cash, I remember asking him. I don't recall how he answered, but of course a pawn shop will pay cash if that's what you're looking for, but there are places where you can get more cash for gold (for example) than at a pawn shop. Hey, why not get top dollar in a time when we're living with an economy where every dollar really counts (and even in a good economy, why lose money?), and with gold prices up, you want to sell where you'll get a better price, right?

Cash for gold pawn shops in Las Vegas

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