Friday, December 17, 2010

Safe At Home

Safe sales are soaring as more and more worried bank customers stash their cash at home.-Safe sales soar as worried bank customers keep money at home

Good idea! Screw the damn banksters!

Another reason for the increased use of home security safes is a growing fear of burglaries because of the recession.

Okay, screw the damn burglars too! (though let's face the truth; they're really much less criminal than the banks)

...the most popular type of home safe was the underfloor model, which could be hidden under carpet or floor covering. It was also possible to fit them in walls and cover them with a painting.

I don't know about the whole "behind a painting" thing (too obvious, isn't it?) but I love the under the carpet idea, and then you can place a heavy piece of furniture on top, too! When I first read this story, I had a fantasy of my immediate post-lottery win actions. I'd buy a floor safe and stash at least $100,000 in worthless Federal Reserve Notes in it (hey, even in a collapse, some fools will still be willing to accept the bankster's monopoly money as payment). Then I'd have a second safe where I'd store gold and silver (my real money). Yeah, I'll be ready, once those lotto tickets come through for me!

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