Sunday, December 5, 2010

News and Notes

We have a new contributor since the last News and Notes, Avarice. Welcome officially, Avarice! Look for his posts (he has already made several), they're pretty good (especially when compared to my own mediocre contributions).

And in other contributor news, Cork is back! Cork was the first to join us on this great Skeptical Eye mission,and has written many fantastic posts over the last year and a half or more. Look for Cork and more global warming news from both sides (though I have to add, I'm not some right-wing "skeptic" on the issue, in spite of appearances; I just enjoy being contrary).

Which brings me to another contributor thought. Though we currently have a total of 12 contributors here, that includes myself, so it's not really analogous to Jesus and the Twelve, unless I'm Jesus, But then, where is my missing apostle? I'd say it was Judas, but I figured it to be Bret (though now I see Bret more as Simon Peter, who denied his Lord three times, but went on to die for Him). Whatever the case may be, we need a new contributor, obviously, to even things up (come on, T.C., what are you waiting for?)

And speaking of Jesus, I could actually be Jesus if Jesus wasn't God and if reincarnation is true. Think about it.

On the other hand, if Jesus is God, us unbelievers might be in trouble. So, I'm asking for the following miracle. As you can see, we have finally passed the 400 followers mark. Thank you to all of you who have helped us reach this milestone. The next goal is 500 followers, and here is the deal: If we achieve that remarkable landmark of 500 by midnight on December 31, 2010, I will accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and become a Christian. I will publicly declare my conversion here on this blog as well. I'll start writing lots of pro-Jesus posts, too! So Christian, here's your opportunity to save a lost soul. This miracle is impossible without YOU! And aren't Christians always saying that God works through his servants on Earth?

And finally, does anyone think we should get rid of the star ratings on posts? Sure, it gives those too cowardly to comment an outlet to express their opinion, but how valuable are those assessments? Lots of people don't base it on an objective evaluation, but simply on their gut reaction of "do I agree with this, or not?" And then there are the star ratings that don't seem to make any sense on any level, like the 1 star rating some idiot gave this post (was it you, by the way...cmon, you can come clean). I mean it was a simple post stating I wouldn't be posting much, so WTF?

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