Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miley "Salvia " Cyrus

We just had the annual Christmas party at work (well, away from work at a restaurant) and at least half the people there got plastered, including the company CEO, who was dancing on the tables by the end and almost got kicked out. Some might even call it a disgusting spectacle. But of course, the ingestion of the intoxicant consumed at the party, alcohol, is legal and will remain so, in spite of the massive amount of harm it does and lives it destroys.

But have a young celebrity caught on video using a substance that, though currently not illegal, is not alcohol, so must be evil and in need of banning. Miley Cyrus is said to be on a "dangerous" path, though how anyone can know that based on this incident is beyond me (and I really don't care if she's on the road to Hell or whatever; it's her life and her body, and certainly none of the state's business). Now, if she were just drinking, we might still get stories of her "bad" behavior, but what we wouldn't get is hysterical calls for prohibition of her chosen drug.

"She needs someone to show her some tough love right now," Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc., tells PopEater. "She is going down a destructive road and needs to change her ways."

Not only that, says Fay, "she is sending a bad message about using a mind-altering drug to get high. She is a teen idol who is popular, did something that is getting lots of media coverage and appears to have a glamorous life."

But the effects of Salvia or any other drug are far from glamorous, says Fay. In the video, which was reportedly taken at Cyrus's Los Angeles area home five days after she turned 18, "she is seen laughing and appears to be having a good time, which gives the impression that salvia isn't harmful – when it is," she says.

Hm, people laugh and "seem" to be having a good time when they drink, too, and that can give the impression that alcohol isn't harmful, when it clearly is, and least in any amount that can get you feeling really good. Where are the calls from the "Drug Free" America Foundation for a return to alcohol prohibition? If they are not in favor of also including alcohol in their list of "dangerous" drugs, then they aren't really in favor of a drug free America, are they? Just taking a quick look at their website, they appear to favor the usual draconian police state laws to fight drugs, but I didn't see a mention of alcohol (perhaps I missed it). I would challenge them to explain why alcohol is not as much a threat. Certainly in the number of deaths directly attributable to it, it trounces all other recreational drugs combined.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration lists salvia as "a drug of concern." According to the DEA's website, "due to salvia's hallucinogenic effects, there is a substantial risk of injury or death as a result of impaired judgment due to disruptions of sensory and cognitive functions."

Scientific American Magazine says that the DEA is currently "looking into the drug" to determine if it should be considered "on par" with LSD and heroin.

Salvia has other harmful effects, says Fay. "Salvia gives you a short, but very intense high, leaving many people wanting to do it again and again because the high doesn't last long. The more you use salvia or any drug, the more potential there is for harm."-Miley Cyrus on 'Dangerous Path' and Needs 'Tough Love,' Experts Say

Yeah, just like with alcohol. If the DEA is concerned about impaired judgment and disruptions to cognitive functions, where is their statement about alcohol?

And do you like the title of that article? Who are these "experts" (are they similar to the "global warming" climate "experts" that some worship around here?) and what goddamned business is Miley Cyrus of theirs? She should speak out and tell them to all go f--k themselves.

The Drug Free America Foundation states on their website that they support:

Opposing efforts that would legalize, decriminalize or promote illicit drugs or promote illicit dug use.

Supporting law enforcement and drug interdiction efforts.

Promoting cooperation between national and international leaders and governments to develop and implement polices and laws that will reduce drug use and abuse.

In other words, they are nothing but lobbyists for the entrenched drug war bureaucracy and civil liberties violating police state Federal laws. What you put into your body is nobody's business but yours, and certainly not any government's or the rotten, evil, totalitarian Drug Free America Foundation's (they can also go fuck themselves).


  1. Why you would do salvia when you can just suck the nitrous out of a whipped cream canister is beyond me. And considering Miley's achy breaky, white trash upbringing, I'd be surprised if she hasn't tried meth yet.

  2. Hannah Montana Does Memphis coming soon.

    All she's missing is an appearance on Springer. After that, People magazine and how she "overcame" her "ordeal."

    The CEO was kicked out? Holy sot Bat-Man! He or she must have been really cooked!


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