Friday, December 3, 2010

Justin Original WorkBoots

Would you like a new generation of boots that are so packed with technology they make "the moon landing look like the invention of the wheel"? Well, Justin Boots (available at the link at may be what you're looking for.

When my uncle used to tell stories of his days in construction, he would sometimes talk about his boots. Now, that may sound a little odd, but it's not really when you think about it. Shoes of any kind (and especially the special shoes, like work boots, that are a necessity to do your job) become a part of your body in a way, an addition to and extension of your feet, that, if the quality of the shoe (or boot) is good, will make you feel that you're hardly wearing them. The wrong pair of boots, on the other hand, can make you feel quite the opposite, and make even the simplest task more difficult (or much more dangerous). Plus, who wants feet that hurt all the time. Frankly I'm tired of poor quality shoes and boots. I've bought too many cheaply made pairs over the years and believe me, my feet regretted it.

Back to my uncle. He had a grand collection of old boots in his closet. He would sometimes show them off with pride to anyone interested (or even not interested) and tell tales of each pair, and what job (sometimes overseas) he had been on when wearing a particular pair. He had a few pairs of Justin Original WorkBoots, some of the last boots he had bought, actually, and he praised them as some of the best boots he had ever owned.

"You've gotta have the right boots," he would say. Then he would tell of the cheap boots he purchased one summer that actually started to literally fall apart one day when he was working out at a construction site. He had to stop working and go buy some new boots at a local shoe store!

Well, personally, I want things a little easier when I need shoes or boots for whatever type of activity I'm engaged in, and that's why I love shopping online too. Especially when there's a place that carries a large variety of whatever I'm looking for. is such a place, and they now carry Justin Original WorkBoots! But that's not all. They also have a great reputation for great customer service and carry just about any kind of boot you might need, including a large selection of safety, work, western footwear and more. And, you can shop there by brand name or by style, such as American made boots and shoes, hunting and outdoor boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots, rubber boots and lots more.

I'm going to be helping my dad at his house in the country soon, so I think I might just take a look at some of that large selection of boots myself.

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