Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian Assange on Trial in (Third Reich) Sweden

Sweden's despicable right-wing government is a collaborator in extreme evil with their puppet masters, the criminal United States Government.

What will happen to Julian Assange? Guantanamo or some generic gulag, if he is lucky. Maybe the sentence will be mandatory suicide or some probation-officer-induced accident.


  1. Hi Nikk,

    Being someone who ain't a conformist, I was surprised to you conforming to the elite's propaganda of 'right wing' vs. 'left wing'. You ain't gone beyond right and left wing yet, to realize its you vs the corporations; that the left and right elite, are neither left nor right, 'right wing' and 'left wing' are just how they drag you around by the ring in your nose??? How they divide and conquer? Care to go beyond that conformist dogma???

    there are many real sincere conservatives speaking up on behalf of wikileaks, just as there are real sincere liberals. There are fake fraud conservatives and liberals screaming for his guts. Notice the difference; and give up conforming to the elite's divide and conquer ideological slavery! ;-)

  2. Mmm... wings.

    Luckily, the charges against Assange just carry a fine if he's found guilty, which he likely won't be. He's not charged with rape, he's charged with "sex by surprise" or some such nonsense which is only a crime in Sweden. It's somehow related to not using a condom or a condom breaking or something vaguely similar.


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