Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot Or Cold?

Do you prefer it hot or cold? I mean, if it's a choice between the two extremes, which do you like more?

We've finally settled in to what can only be called winter, even though we are not officially there yet. My girlfriend is in school and sent me a text today when I was at work. It said "Sweetie, it's cold!" which was just a little funny, because it seems that only recently I remember her sending texts that declared in all caps "IT'S HOT!"

During the summer I always hate the heat. It's a hassle to have to turn on the air conditioning every time you get into your car to go even a short distance, and somehow, because the car has been sitting in the sun for a few minutes, even a moderate temperature outside is turned into a raging inferno inside the car, so even with the air on, by the time the interior cools down your clothes are already soaking wet.

Still, I can tolerate the outdoors in almost any weather. It's when you don't have central air and heat in your home (or can't afford to use it much) that you run into the love/hate relationship with the alternating seasons. In the summer when I'm home after work and baking away I can't wait for the coolness of fall, but in the middle of winter, when I'm freezing, I want it to be warmer and sometimes, particularly when I have to leave my warmer bedroom and use the bathroom or go to the kitchen, I almost long for those hot nights when you have to throw open all the windows to get some relief.

So, it's cold once again, and even if I couldn't feel it, my girlfriend would keep me informed with her periodic dramatic text messages.

Oh, damn, I have to go to the bathroom. If you don't hear from me again soon, picture me as a human ice cube (though not on the toilet, please) and pray I'll thaw out by spring.


  1. I'm with you. If it's cold, I just wear more, but there comes a point where it's so hot that I just can't stand it.

  2. How cold does it get for you guys down there? Wherever you live.

  3. T.C., where I'm at it doesn't get that cold during the day, with temperatures not usually below the low 60s (Fahrenheit). But at night it can plunge to the low 40s or even into the 30s, which is pretty cold for us down here, though I know for you in the Great Frozen North, those are more like Honolulu numbers compared to your averages.

  4. Yeah, it gets cold here. Bitterly, wickedly, insanely cold. Like -40c with the wind chill cold. And Quebec gets wild snow falls to the point of burying us. But rarely does the city ever come to a stop. It's amazing when you think of it. Some days it looks like Whoville with everyone outside doing their thing.

    I used to be able to handle it no problem but less and less now as the years go by.

    We'd head to a pond or rink and play hockey in nothing but basic winter coats or literally cross country ski from our houses to the backwoods - which now are filled with Wal-Marts and other necesseties.


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