Friday, December 3, 2010

Francois Tremblay on The Universality Principle

If we look at the ethical principles and concepts proposed by politicians and their laws, by religions, by capitalist structures, by parents, by this or that philosopher, we find that, by and large, they share a few traits:

1. They are organized so that the elite does not have to follow them. Things that are wrong for a common person to do are praised when done en masse by the elite (control, lying, stealing, killing) and things which are good for a common person to do are disvalued by the elite (obedience, humility, allegiance).

2. They make a sharp distinction between members of the group and non-members/opponents (us v them), creating enemies everywhere.

3. No justification is provided for them, or if a justification is provided, it is of the “might makes right” variety.

Read the rest: The universality principle.

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