Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FBI Barbie BS

I'm glad I waited just a little to post this, so I could see the MSM go crazy over this non-story put out by the FBI, one of the agencies of their Master, the Almighty State. You don't see the same kind of media coverage of really important stories, like the abuse of power by the Federal Government (or if you do, it's given a very pro-government spin).

So, a Barbie with a built-in camera. Though the FBI acknowledges they have not one single case of anything remotely resembling it's use by a pedophile for evil purposes, they send out a ridiculous and hysterical "warning" anyway. If anything, their warning has put a notion into some sicko's head. But I don't quite get under what scenario a child could be lured into creating porn that way. Your tax dollars flushed down the crapper once again and easily manipulated, hysterical parents given fuel for their paranoia.


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