Saturday, December 18, 2010

Appeals Court: Email Protected by Fourth Amendment

Bret "4th amendment, what 4th amendment?" Alan isn't going to like this...

Police must obtain a warrant before accessing emails stored by internet service providers, a federal appeals court has ruled in a landmark decision that also struck down part of a 1986 law that allows warrantless interception of some digital data.

Email protected by Fourth Amendment, says appeals court

The courts should have been striking down this tyranny a long time ago, but you can't expect much from the foxes that are supposed to guard our constitutional chicken coop.


  1. Are you pretending I would hate this just so I will go back to posting again?

  2. I've been very busy with... well wouldn't you like you know, Mr. Privacy Advocate?

    I'll tell you what, I'll write a response to this explaining my position for the umpteenth time, and we'll see if anyone finally gets it. If not, at least it will garner comments calling me a statist and laughs can be had by all.


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