Friday, December 17, 2010

Another TSA Sex Criminal

Yet another TSA worker has been exposed as a pedophile to add the epidemic of cases that prove those who are inclined to work in jobs that allow them to sexually molest children via invasive groping measures at airports are the most unprofessional, perverted and criminally-minded individuals imaginable.


This is another alarming reminder of the fact that a statistically inflated number of people who are attracted to become TSA workers are criminally perverted.

As we previously highlighted, there is an epidemic of cases where TSA workers have been identified as rapists, sexual predators and pedophiles.

10,000 Child Porn Images Found On Ex-TSA Worker’s Computer

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  1. Maybe it's time for people to refuse to travel. These sick individuals might hopefully shrivel up and die of boredom...or deprivation...


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