Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweating bullets

Wow. Last night was one of the craziest I've had in a long time. Long story short: I was at a party where everyone was partying way, way, way too hard. I did nothing illegal myself; in fact, I didn't drink a drop of alcohol (which is pretty rare for me) and fell asleep by 2 a.m (even more rare for me). That didn't stop me from being handcuffed and thrown on the ground when cops raided the place.

Thankfully, they uncuffed me and let me go within several minutes. Everyone there vouched for the fact that I was sober and had been sleeping. Unfortunately, they took away one of my smartass friends. Hopefully he's only in detox and not in jail.

Maybe next time I'll just stay at home and watch a movie. To be honest, this event has really made me reconsider my social life of nonstop partying.


  1. Really? It would just make me wonder why those cops had nothing better to do than mess with people.

  2. In fairness to the cops (words I never thought I'd write), they were doing some pretty dangerous and stupid stuff. It wasn't just passing around weed or anything like that.

    The cops believed me pretty easily and let me go without a lot of effort on my part.

  3. I don't care if they were passing around an AIDS infected needle full of crystal meth plus heroin. How does that warrant a visit by police? Even a noise complaint doesn't call for anything more than a knock on the door, a stern look, and a verbal threat.

    Regardless, glad you came out scot free. I gotta party with you sometime, cause apparently it gets crazy all up in here when Cork is in the house.

  4. They were throwing large glass bottles from the 14th floor of a building onto the street, to give one example. It's unlikely someone would have been hit at 3:30 am on a Sunday night but still possible.

    Don't get me wrong--I'm all for craziness, but not when it's something like that.

    I gotta party with you sometime, cause apparently it gets crazy all up in here when Cork is in the house.

    Damn straight. ;)

  5. You know what's kind of ironic? All my party friends are Republicans who don't seem to realize the party they support would lock em up in prison and throw away the key for half the stuff they do.

    Meanwhile, my friends who are liberals don't like to party much at all. You'd think it would be the other way around!

  6. Another note about my party buddies being GOP fans:

    One of them has slept with over 200 girls. Seriously. And he votes Republican--as if they're going to approve of his lifestyle. ROFL.

  7. Yeah... throwing bottles on the street is not cool. Still, I bet a cop just showing up would have stopped them, but it is an act that should be stopped in some way (ideally with as little force as possible).

    People often vote Republican out of guilt or ignorance or just because they don't want to be a pussy Democrat. My experience with Democrats has been the same: largely boring.

    Also, I bet your Republican friends fear no consequences from the law because they're white and can afford a lawyer.


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