Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The most moronic theist story I've ever heard

Some girl posted this on my Facebook wall. I think it's the most laughably ridiculous (not to mention torturously long) piece of theist propaganda I've ever seen.


  1. What's with the ridiculous music? Ugh. Anyway, I thought it was interesting, and funny, how Christians were depicted as the only one's believing in God. Because of course, the Christian God is the only God that exists. Although none do. Ha.

  2. So Jesus is reduced to performing cheap parlor tricks?

    "Stand back boys and girls. I'm going to not braek the chalk, then, I'll make a volunteer from the class disappear"

    (to borrow the videographers vernacular)
    Isn't it funny how religious people are so gullible as to believe such tripe as this lame assed urban legend?

    Isn't it funny how God needs 10% of MY money? You'd think as long as he's been around and that omniscient thing he has, he could earn his own keep.

    Isn't it funny how God needs these lame assed people to speak for him? He should get a real motivational speaker to handle this stuff.

    Isn't it funny that the videographer brings up the Bible as not being believed, when the books contradicts itself?!

    Isn't it funny that a being that claims to love us would send us to a tortuous hell for eternity for not kissing his ass just right?

    Are you laughing?
    Perhaps because this shit isn't really funny?

  3. TO the makers of that ridiculous video:

    1) We are not worried about hell, because most people who don't believe in god, don't believe in hell or the devil either. We are not scared into believing by watching this silly example of "proof" of god!

    2)Living in the "bible belt" I see no evidence of christians being "suppressed" and kept from sharing their ignorant beliefs. They do not hesitate to shout their beliefs at work, at the grocery store, or on the corner; screaming with the bible in their hands and "Stop here for prayer" signs proudly held up to passing cars!

    3) Any word on who this professor was and which University they attended? I know of no university where a professor would walk out and leave his/her class of 300 to a christian to preach his religion. I, for one, would not stick around to listen to that kind of bull-shit. The professor leaves? Class is over!


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