Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At the Store

I have thoughts and observations, and not just when I'm forced to have them. For example, I have them when I'm pushing a shopping cart around the supermarket.

People bring their children to the market, and that's perfectly acceptable, but I'm really sick of seeing kids past the age of 5 or 6 sitting not in the cart seat at the front, but in the main basket itself with their filthy shoes all over the surface where others place the items they're purchasing. I mean, I know the inside of a shopper cart isn't sanitary to begin with, but why make it worse?

So there I am, rolling down the aisles gathering my consumables, when what happens? Some kid, a little girl, is pushing an extra (and very empty) cart behind her mother. Carts are not playthings, but I've seen parents more than once let their darlings treat them as such. In this instance the mother said something in Spanish and the girl left the cart right where it stood, blocking my path. I was irritated, even slightly angry for a moment. But then I heard more Spanish from Mom, a gentle but admonishing tone in her voice, and the child retrieved the cart and moved it out of my way. Good parents are all around us, but there are still too many of the irresponsible and incompetent ones.

Well, that's it. Those are my thoughts and observations for this trip. Shall I make At the Store a regular feature?

Your thoughts and observations are welcome.

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