Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vincent Bugliosi on the Crimes of George W. Bush

The Former Liar-in-Chief should be prosecuted for his crimes. It would set a great precedent for later prosecuting the current Liar.

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  1. Bush, Cheney, and several of the cabinet members ought to be charged for international war crimes. I don't know if Obama is as bad as conservatives say, mostly because it's so early, but if he has indeed been doing things like authorizing European torture facilities or if he ever uses the justice system to intimidate opponents, I wouldn't mind seeing charges brought.

    Bush set the bar really high (er, low?) on how awful a president can be, and there is merely a wave of conservative malcontent with little to back it up. [For the record, Liberals did not complain this much during Bush, which I believe makes conservatives the biggest bitches in the nation.]

    Honestly, I want to live in the world conservatives fear: universal health care, high tax rates on the wealthy, evolution-only science class rooms, even taxes on churches. None of this will ever happen, and it's a fucking shame.


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