Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Federal Prosecutor Targets Anarchists

“Everyone thinks we’re moving toward a greater recognition of civil rights under Obama. Instead we’re going backward – all the way back to the sedition laws, and the political inquisitions of Joseph McCarthy.”- Attorney Ben Rosenfeld

U.S. Attorney Clifford R. Cronk III is using his office’s investigation of an alleged 2004 animal rights-related break-in at the University of Iowa to harass and punish targets whom he claims identify as anarchists, a political ideology dating back to the early 19th Century. To date, neither his superiors in the Department of Justice, nor the federal courts, have done anything to curtail his abuse of power. In behavior reminiscent of the darkest days of the McCarthy witch hunts, Cronk argues in court documents that anarchists are domestic terrorists who should be locked up for posing a threat to civil society based on nothing but the prosecutor’s unfounded political bias.

Civil Liberties Monitors Charge That Federal Prosecutor Is On Personal Crusade Against Anarchist Ideology

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