Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No, I don't!

So, it is finally learned, a group of "small business owners and individuals who just felt like Washington was against them" are responsible for forcing us to look once again at the face of the Decider, a criminal bankster puppet and mass murderer. Which is maybe why they've chosen to remain anonymous. All the usual suspects naturally think it's jim-dandy.

Which is curious, or maybe not so curious. If those business owners are only now feeling like Washington is against them, did they feel that Washington was for them before? Or maybe they only feel that Washington is more against them now that one of those no-good Democrats occupies the White House. But that certainly isn't what their statement or their sign implies. Perhaps I'm being too literal in some way, but if they're the honest individuals I'm sure they want us to suppose they are, they must have had similar feelings about the Federal Government before Obama took office.

But if they did, where was their Bill Clinton billboard during Bush's two terms? I'm sure a lot of people were missing Slick Willie many times over during W's reign of fascism rising. I even had a few reluctant but nevertheless fond memories of him myself at times between 2001 and 2008. And I was no Bill Clinton fan.

Perhaps the part of the puzzle I'm missing now is that Bush's fascism was Red State Fascism which is Christian and military-worshiping and therefore "good", while Obama and the Democrats Blue State Fascism is "socialistic" and therefore "bad".

The other strange thing is that Obama is only giving us more of what Bush gave us; more bailouts, more spending, more war. If it was good before, why is it suddenly bad now? Strange, very strange.

What we really have are two big government parties that want to continue with the welfare/warfare state until the end of time (or in the case of the ironically colored "red" party, at least until Jesus returns). They have a symbiotic relationship, and are two parts of a greater ruling class whole. Real change never arrives, and all we get is more of the same.

I've said for some time now that all the right-wing talk show hosts and bloggers and other "conservatives" that are howling about "socialism" and big government now, don't want a revolution, they want a restoration, a return to power of the same people that were holding the reigns just a little over a year ago. They'd rather see Dick Cheney as President than Ron Paul, and that gives their phony game away.

Don't believe it? Here's one of the billboard's supporters in his own words:

At this time we still don’t know the names of the people who put up the money for the sign to be posted in that little town of Wyoming, Minnesota, but whoever they are, they should come forward and proudly admit they support President Bush – as should the rest of us. It’s time to stop being afraid to come right out and say how we really feel.

We do miss President Bush, and we will never forget what he did for America and the world; not now, not ever.

Meanwhile, the rest of us that really do still dream of liberty should make sure we don't get fooled again.


  1. responsible for forcing us to look once again at the face of the Decider, a criminal bankster puppet and mass murderer.

    Careful, or Bill Gnade will take Hannity's dick out of his mouth long enough to berate you for your lack of precise language (not to mention your using a pseudonym).

  2. Well, since Bill doesn't believe we can "know" anything, I'm not too concerned about what he says about anything.

  3. It's amazing that we're the only two party democracy that I am aware of. They have both worked very hard to keep it that way. It's sad, really, that we have 2 political parties and hundreds of TV channels.

  4. I admit I've had my doubts about you. But with this post you have dispelled them completely.

  5. Skeptic,

    Just wanted to chime in on a somewhat unrelated topic....You have the most helpful blogroll(s) I've found on any liberty-oriented site.

    Thanks ! !

    Allen in Fort Worth, TX

  6. Don't worry! Female bush aka Nalin' Palin is back with a vengance. After she hi-jacks and dilutes whatever meaninful message may (or may not) have been left with the teabaggers she seems to plan to run in 2012...

  7. Scunnert, glad I was able to dispel your doubts. Disappointed though that I'm apparently also capable of instilling doubt about myself!

    Then again, doubt is often a good thing.

    Whited Sepulchre, thanks! It looks like you have some pretty good blogrolls as well. I think here at Skeptical Eye we can still make the links more useful with divisions into more categories. That's something I want to work on.

  8. Isn't any state that makes their young children take an oath to their country every day at school a wee bit fascist? Sorry if that offends any "die-hard patriots" out there, but I'm just saying. There are a lot of things in this country that developed as a direct response to Mussolini and the Hitler Youth. Since we already live in a semi-fascist, semi-socialist state why can't we just embrace that and move on to building a better America? You're right about the 2 party system. It isn't working. Every other term is pure reactionary BS to the term before it.


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