Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cool Bookstores

If you love bookstores and browsing in bookstores like I do, you'll be interested in this.

The World’s 6 Coolest-Looking Bookstores

Looking them over, the one I'd most like to visit is Shakespeare & Co. Antiquarian Books.

The photo directly above reminds me of all the used bookstores I so often frequented on wondrous weekends of literary exploration. I could spent hours in one small section of a book-crammed aisle like that, lost in the land of paper and ink, and forgetful of everything going on in the outside world. What I wouldn't have given to spent every spare moment in such places. I sometimes still fantasize of owning such a store, and with my own collection, purchased over many years, I would probably have a good beginning to an inventory. If, that is, I could bear to part with any of my precious volumes.


  1. This reminds me of a bookstore I had the opportunity to venture into while I was on a trip in Great Britain.


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