Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC speaker bashes gays

CPAC: the gift that just keeps on giving. And friends still ask me why I refuse to be associated with the Republican Party.


  1. Dear SE,

    And what do you think of the substance of his argument? Please judge it on the merits.

    All I can say, though, is "Wow!" Really. I had no idea that CPAC was such a flagship for diversity. It was really a stunning moment in political theater. I've never seen anything like it.

    Thanks for showing it to me. But I beg you, speak to the argument.



    PS. To think, Dick Cheney is arguably the de facto head of CPAC, and yet he supports gay marriage.

  2. I really should look into finding a new template for the blog, one that makes it easier to read who posted what.

  3. By the way, Bill, I do appreciate, as always, your taking the time to comment here. I mean that sincerely, and not only to you, but to everyone who comments.

  4. Oops.

    Once again I mistook CORK for SE. Sorry. I forget that this is a team blog.

  5. Once again I mistook CORK for SE. Sorry. I forget that this is a team blog.

    Maybe I should change my name to Cork to avoid confusing people. After all, they say two corks are better than one.

    Or maybe I should stop using the name SE for another reason, as it also can be shorthand for the blog (Skeptical Eye) itself, and call myself something else, like maybe Genius Blogger? A pseudonym such as that would fit me to a T, wouldn't you agree, Bill?

  6. I think you can change "posted by" display preferences. If you put it maybe near the title, it might be easier to differentiate.

    I'm pretty sure it's in "layout" then click "edit" in "Blog Posts." You can drag and drop where it is in the "Arrange Items" box at the bottom of the configuration screen.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Ginx. I tried it, but no change yet. Maybe it doesn't work until I make a new post?

    Or maybe it won't work with the custom template we have.

  8. Good post from Bill Gnade. The substance of his argument is worth thinking about. If this guy has sex for any other reason than reproduction, he is untrue to his claim. I'm not exactly interested in following this guy around like a reality TV producer to find out if he lives true to his words.

    Secondly, consider the reaction of the people in the room. This guy is a bully who got booed loudly and could only act like a bully in return. Good for the CPAC attendees. Even if some of the people in that room wrongly oppose marriage equality, they were rightly reacting to this guy with their boos.

    This guy is clearly fighting a losing battle on this issue. I hope his shrill words are remembered as part of a rear guard action by the extreme moralists who are increasingly less willing to work with others to the right of center, and finding themselves and their views (bigotry) increasingly, and openly rejected.


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