Friday, February 5, 2010

The Super Bowl has been CANCELED!


  1. This same argument can be used to criticize just about any human leisure that isn't strictly in pursuit of intellectual ends. Trying to peg the problem on a game that lasts a few hours is silly.

    Also, given that he's enlightened and all, I'm not exactly sure what boycotting it accomplishes for him personally. The point of boycott is to somehow inflict harm on the target to effect change, e.g. by harming business. Why do we need to harm the NFL just because some people act mindlessly or have priorities we don't think worthy?

    Look, video dude, I'm an anarchist who knows what's up and I'm still going to watch it because I like the game. Isn't individualism cool?

  2. I'm not going to watch it, but it's not like I'm going to dedicate that time to saving the world (certainly not by making YouTube videos where I tell other people what not to do).

    Yes, some people's lives are so small that they have to take joy in the vicarious glory of their idols. Luckily/sadly, these people are easy to manipulate... but this guy is doing it wrong. Hopefully he uses his time during the Super Bowl reading a book on rhetoric so he can learn how not to talk down to people using words that drip with disgust and condescension.

    He's not wrong, he's just a dick about it.

  3. Maybe it's just the unemployment, but this is one year where I've really followed football. I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl since I like both teams.

    Are athletes overpaid and overpraised? Absolutely. It's fun to watch nonetheless.

  4. And let's face it: football is *way* more important than whatever bullshit Washington is doing. (How dare we ignore our overlords for one night and enjoy ourselves?)

  5. Good points all! I agree! And I will be watching the game.

  6. What does "overpaid" mean? Even as a mutualist, I find that concept hard to swallow. It's the classic Wilt Chamberlain natural talent argument about income distribution (see Nozick).


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