Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Dream of Cheney

It's amazing what pro-state, pro-militarist garbage passes for conservatism today. Yesterday I caught a few minutes of the Sean Hannity radio program (with some guest host sitting in for Rush, Jr.) during my lunch break and heard Ann Coulter on who she would like to see as the 2012 Republican nominee for President.

When she revealed her preference, the host seemed a bit surprised, but Ann replied "Why not Dick Cheney?". When the host pointed out that it was unlikely Cheney would run, she said that "doesn't stop a girl from dreaming".

Didn't Cheney have an approval rating in the low teens when he left office (an approval rating even lower than W's)? Wasn't the American public fed up with the establishment regime in 2008 and ready for real change (which they sadly didn't get with liar Obama)? Why the desire to return to and embrace someone so thoroughly rejected and discredited? Why are "conservatives" still so enthusiastic about the big government, big spending Bush administration? Simple. They aren't really conservatives. They're pro-state neocons who now feel threatened by the genuine revolutionary stirrings in the air, symbolized most prominently by people like Ron Paul and the movement for liberty he inspires.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney gets a standing ovation at CPAC 2010

All the rich warmongers, who are careful to stay away from any army recruiting office, yelled for working class guys to die for Cheney’s portfolio, merchants of death, Middle Eastern wars, and dreams of global dominion. Hoorahs for Cheney from bloodthirsty non-combatants: there is conservatism in a nutshell.-Lew Rockwell


  1. Dick Cheney = War Criminal

    The sooner that guy is rotting in a jail cell, the sooner justice is served.

  2. Seriously? What are those idiots clapping about? A person who is okay with starting a war on false pretences? As Ginx said: War Criminal! People are really dumb!


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